Hire/Rental SERVICES

Needing to hire a classic snare drum for a studio recording? A super sexy kit for a music video? Some gear for a tour? Or a period kit for some filming?

Be it a specific look, or sound. Look no further, at Drumattic, we have you covered.

We have a selection of various classic and vintage drums, including full kits, snares, hardware, cymbals, accessories and percussion available for hire and rental. Ideal for

  • Studio recording
  • Home recording
  • Music videos
  • Promo shoots
  • Television/theatre
  • Shows

Please see our tables below for our hire items

Snare Drums

Ludwig 1964 Supraphonic 400View
Ludwig 1970s Acrolite 14x5" View
Slingerland 1958 Radioking Snare in WMP. Solid Maple shellView
Premier 1960s Royal Ace in Mahogany Duro 14x5.5"View
Premier 1970s 2000 aluminium 14x5" View
Premier 1980s 2024 Brass Piccolo 14x4"View
Premier Projector birch, black sparkle lacquer, 14x6"View
Premier S81 Super Royal Scot Marching Snare - 14" x 12"
Rogers 1970s Dynasonic, chrome over brass, 14x5" View
Sonor 70s D506 Ferro Manganese steel 14x6"View
Pearl free floating brass shell 14x5.5" (sheel depth only)View
Custom Kellar maple piccolo, Zebrawood veneer 14x3"View
Ajax Early 60s Pipperette Piccolo in WMP. 14" x 4"
Mapex Meridian Maple in Cobalt Burst. 14"x5.5"

Shell Packs

Ludwig 1970s steel 14T,18FT,24BDView
Premier 1960 outfit in Mahogany Duro. 12T,16FT,20BD. Matching snare available
Premier Projector, birch , black sparkle lacquer 8T,10T,12T,13T,14T,16FT,22BD. Matching 14" Snare availableView
Slingerland Late 50s in Red Glitter.
Ludwig 1960s Super Classic in WMP - 13",16" & 22"
1970s Sonor Phonic V.rare wave wrap 13T ,14T,16T,22BD View
Premier Olympic 1970s Grey Silk Pearl.
Tama 80s Imperialstar in black, 12x8, 14x14, 20x14 View
Ajax 1940s style shell pack in black/cream duco.
28" x 12", 12" x 9" and 16" x 18" floor tom
Ajax 1960s WMP 12T,16x18FT,20BD. Matching piccolo snare available
Mapex Meridian Maple in Cobalt Burst
8T,10T,12T,14FT,16FT,22"BD. Matching 14 Snare available


We have a variety of cymbals available to suit most genres and needs. Vintage and modern.

Please contact us with a description of the style and sound you are searching for and we can create a mixed cymbal pack just for you.

If you are hiring a kit, we have recommended cymbals to complement the drum size/sound/era

Percussion, Hardware & Accessories

As well as drum kit items, we also have various percussion items available, including –

2 x Premier 60s timpani / kettle drums

Set of 2 Pearl congas with stand

Hand drums – Bongos, Tabla, Ibo and more

Barrel drum

Shakers, tambourines and other hand percussion

Roto toms

Hang drum / Hand pan in #D

Paiste 30″ Gong in #F

We have a variety of hardware and stands available for hire. Whether you are looking for a set of period vintage flush base stands for a shoot, or solid double braced hardware for a gig.

We have available –

Various vintage period hardware

Heavy duty double braced hardware

Various clamps


Single and double pedals


Please contact with details of requirements