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Why does it only offer me 'collection in person' when I try to checkout?

This may be for a few reasons-

Due to size/shape/weight the item might be available for collection only, or require a more specified courier quote.
If you are not in the UK, it may mean the shipping band has not been set for your location, however it is more than likely that I can ship to you. Please email enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk for a shipping quote.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I regularly ship all sized items worldwide. If shipping to your location does not show at the checkout, please email enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk fora shipping quote

Will I have to Pay Customs / Import charges?

You may be required to pay customs/duty/tax on your items, depending on your location, and the value of the goods.

It is the customers responsibility to be aware if they will be charged additional import fees based on their location.

Customs fees are usually payable upon, or prior to receipt of the item.

Some countries/couriers allow for payment of these fees in advance, when purchasing the item/s. Please get in touch if you would like more information on this method.

What restoration / services do you offer?

I offer most drum related services such as –

Vintage restoration
General repair
Bearing edge work
Calf skin lapping
Full servicing
And more…

F or more info, visit the restoration page of the site here – https://www.drum-attic.co.uk/restorations/

How much will it cost to re-wrap my drum kit?

This can vary quite drastically based on a few things, such as –

Type of wrap, and type of wrap finish
Make of drums
If there is wrap that needs to be removed etc

Using a 3 piece kit for example (22″ 13″ + 16″), the cost to rewrap these in a USA Delmar would be somewhere in the region of £400-£550.

For more info, please visit the restoration page for more info, or email enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk for more info and a quote.

What is a 'service' and how much does it cost?

Servicing isn’t really the same as restoration. Servicing is primarily focused on the working nature of the item/s.  Making sure that all the moving parts are lubricated and working correctly, and every thing is doing what it should do. Any damaged/missing parts can be repaired or replaced, and any problematic issues identified. Bearing edges are also cleaned. Heads can be replaced. Drums are not cleaned and polished unless requested and at additional cost

The cost of servicing a snare drum or kit can vary greatly depending on the make, style, age and type of drum.

A standard snare drum would be between £25 and £45 plus parts/heads.

A 3 piece kit (22,13,16″) would be between £80 and £125 plus parts/heads.

Do you buy drums / part exchange?

I do indeed part exchange items, both ways.

I do also buy collections, kits and individual items.

Please feel free to get in touch via enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk to discuss this.

Are you just online, or do you have an actual shop?

There is a physical bricks and mortar shop, where customers can arrive, park and physically view / browse all the items in stock. Its based in Frome, Somerset, South West of England.

Where are you located?

The shop is based in Frome, a small town in Somerset, South West of England, close to Bath.

When are you open?

The opening days / times of the shop can be found on the right hand side of the contact page. They can also been seen on Google and Facebook.

Why has no one answered my phone call / email?

The business is run by only one person, so occasionally phone calls are missed if I’m in the workshop or dealing with customers etc. But please leave a message, and if I can help, I will get back to you.

It can sometimes take up to 2/3 days to receive an email response, especially if the subject requires a specific quote or question. If you do not receive a reply after a week, please resend the message.

I want to hire a drum kit, what do you have, and what do I need to do?

I have various kits & items available for studio recording/TV/Video/Live situations.  And a variety of sounds. Most can be seen here on the Hire page.

The best thing to do is email me via enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk , and specify what sort of kit / sound you are looking for, and what you intend to use it for.

Why is the physical shop not open all the time?

Orders can be placed via the webshop 24/7.

The physical shop is open less days than a ‘normal’ shop because it allows me to manage time better and have solid uninterrupted days to be in the workshop working on drums, and to manage all the other aspects of the business, as well as my personal life.

I have a question about an item / order

Please email me at enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk and include a link to the item, or your order number.

What wrap choices do you offer for your rewrap service?

I can offer a couple make, and various styles of drum wrap. The most popular is Delmar USA made wrap, which is available in various colours and styles including pearls, diamond pearls, sparkles, ripples, glitters and more.

Please email me at enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk to see what’s currently available.

Whats your turn around time?

Turnaround time forwork depends on the work, and current workload.  Full restorations/rewraps aim to be completed within 6 weeks, usually less. Smaller work can take up to a few weeks. Very minor repairs can sometimes be done on the spot.

Please email me at enquiries@drum-attic.co.uk to get an estimate.