IMPORTANT NEWS! Please read!

IMPORTANT NEWS! Please read!

IMPORTANT NEWS! Please read!

As some of you may well already know, Drumattic is having to move premises. I have been looking at places and negotiating a lease for the best part of a year now, which in itself has taken a mental toll on me. I have questioned myself many times on whether I want to continue the business. Having to move isn’t ideal and isn’t exactly my choice, so it could be a convenient time to shut things down as it were. The current environment, cost of living/business and past couple years have been exceptionally hard for the majority of small businesses, especially those concerning the arts and retail. 

 I do however still love doing what i’m doing, despite the obvious and hidden challenges that come with it. Over the past few months of being open again, ive had some customers who have shown an abundance of appreciation for the shop and my work, and said some truly nice things – this really makes it worthwhile.

I am therefore excited to announce that I have completed a lease and have been handed the keys to a unit this week, located in my own town of Frome, Somerset! – A lovely little market town, which thrives on independent business. 

The new place will need quite a lot of work doing to it, the majority of which I will be undertaking myself, with some help from some amazing family and friends. 

 Naturally, this will take a chunk of time and resources, so I will be closing the physical shop in Radstock for walk-ins after this weekend, and will be available via appointment only in the shop, until the new place is complete and all moved over. 

I will be open this week as normal – thurs/fri and sat 10-4. But as of June, it will be appointment only!

During this time,it would be much easier if customers emailed me, rather than phoned me, as I can’t guarantee where I will be and when. 
It may take me a tad longer to respond to emails and facebook/insta messages etc. 

All webshop orders etc will ship as normal, but may take an additional day or two for packing/shipping. 

Anyone who currently has repair/restoration/custom work with me at the moment should be aware of this, and will have been informed with and change of turnover times etc. 

I’d also ask any customers not to send prospective work to the ‘Old Print Works’ address, without my prior knowledge and consent. 
Hopefully I will be able to get the new place done and all switched over as soon as possible. 

If anyone would like to help and support this move in any way, it would be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. Please get in touch with what you may be able to offer. 

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes anyone over the up and coming weeks, I can however assure you it’s more inconvenient for me….

Thank you all once again, and I look forward to seeing you all in the new shop!