Vintage Drum Day – 5/11/2016

Vintage Drum Day – 5/11/2016

Vintage Drum Day – 5/11/2016

We have recently run our first vintage drum day and masterclass, which took place on November the 5th, 2016 with Professional drummer/clinician Robert Brian.

The day started at 10am with a tour of the shop and items that are currently for sale at Drumattic. We talked in depth about a lot of the items available, the age, the build the quality and so forth. This allowed the participants to ask questions, inspect and try any of the drums available for sale.  This was an ideal chance for them to try out some vintage snares and cymbals etc to see why people rave about certain brands and models.

We then had a break for lunch and coffee, which consisted of more drum talk and playing of snare drums.

After Lunch we ventured to the upper parts of Drumattic HQ. This started with a tour off our spare parts and the small, dedicated workshop where all restorations are carried out. We were then able to talk about restorations, repairs, finishes and answer a variety of questions that people had about this. This is great as there are usually various kits and snares that are in parts and stripped down pre/ mid restoration. An ideal chance for people to see what really goes on and learn about the actual build and other aspects of drums.

After this, its was Robert Brians turn to demonstrate his expertise and knowledge in a close and personal master-class session. This focused on the evolution of the drum kit and styles of drumming throughout the ages. Starting with just the snare, then double drumming, traps and ending up with the fully developed drum kit inn the 70s. Rob demonstrated all popular styles of drumming troughout the ages, and described how the change in the kit, affected the style of drumming at the time.

Rob has lots of experience with live and studio playing, he plays vintage drums as well as being a DW endorse. He was able to talk, in depth about tuning techniques and why so many drummers still choose to play vintage in many situations. Again, he was able to answer any questions at the end of his class, as well as asking others to play and demonstrate.

With questions and demonstrations, Robs masterclass lasted between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. When this has finished, I talked through various drum kits and snares at Drumattic that are available for hire, and why i keep them for that purpose.

To end the day, we set up various style/sized drum kits from different eras, (50s, 60s, 70s etc) so that all the participants (myself and Rob included!) could have a group jam on some awesome vintage kits, switching kits, playing together and soloing.

Rob and I had a lot of interest in the vintage drum day and masterclass, however due to the date and proximity to Christmas, many couldnt make it. This didnt end up being a bad thing, as those who could attend had a really personal experience. It also made myself and Rob realise that this is the sort of experience/day we want to offer, and that we dont want a large group. Our future sessions will be capped at 3, possibly 4 people.

The day went very well, most importantly  the participants enjoyed themselves and said they had learnt a lot about vintage drums and drum makes, how the kits has changed and different styles.

Rob and I will hopefully be running these days every few months with our next one around Febuary/March 2017. For updates, simply keep an eye on the website and/or facebook page.

Both Rob and I are passionate about vintage drums. We feel a day like this can benefit a lot of drummers, young and old,  and offer them a chance to get really up close and personal with some awesome vintage gear. Learn techniques, and have myself and Rob there to explain and answer any questions.