Appointment Only

Appointment Only

Appointment Only

Due to a multitude of factors, I have taken the decision to change the operation of the physical shop and trial an appointment only basis for the next few months.

This is in order to benefit both customers and myself during these slightly odd times. If you are interested in the reasons and current shape of the business, i will explain further below. But please be aware that it is now ideal if appointments are made before visiting the shop.

Days/times can be quite flexible. Please get in touch ideally via email to to discuss a day/time.
Alcohol hand gel is available inside.

If you are a regular or visiting without an appointment, you may well attempt to visit. If the car park is open, I will be in. I will not turn people away etc, but please be aware that you may have to wait until a current appointment has ended. And unless an appointment is made in advance, i cannot guarantee that i will be in.

Thank you all for your continued support, hang in there! We will all be out drumming again before you know it!

This appointment only setup will only be for the next few months, and i will announce any changes.

*For those of you that have been to the shop before , you may know its quite a quirky, old building, and the two rooms which house the shop part of the business can be quite cramped. Due to the general access and design of this (blame some guy a hundred years or so ago) there is no possible way to have things in place such as a one way system, or realistic distancing policies if there are more than 3 people in the shop.
The appointment only type basis will allow a nice spacious and calm atmosphere for all.

The workshop is also becoming busier, with a lot of values customers (regular and first time, thank you!) choosing to get their kits repaired, restored, rewrapped and serviced etc during this down time from being able to play live. Its a great time to do such a thing! so when it all gets going again, you know your kit can stand up to it and look/sound amazing.
So this appointment only basis will allow me to focus more specific time on workshop based projects, as well as all the admin, emails,online orders, phone calls, socials etc that also have to be done.

Again, many thanks for your understanding and support in this. I hope to see you all soon.